Translation - Interpreting

Our company, the Multitasking Office Kft (calculated together with its legal predecessor, the Multitasking Services Bt) has been present in the Hungarian and international market for 20 years.

Besides Hungarian our main languages are English and Romanian but – if required – naturally we find solutions for other languages, too.

Free-of-charge trial - If required we are open to do a free-of-charge translation of a maximum 300-word long text.

We try to be available even in the weekends and beyond office hours, too

Some of our partners (past and/or presently):

Translation price

Main languages: English, German, French, Hungarian, Romanian

Source-Target Price / target character (without spaces)
From foreign to Hungarian 1.60 HUF + VAT
From Hungarian to foreign 1.70 HUF + VAT
From foreign to foreign 2.80 HUF + VAT

We find the solution for other languages, too!

Note: the orders of below 1000 characters are automatically considered orders of 1000 characters.

The translations are performed by experts who had already proved and possess the required terminology.

We are ready for the short deadlines. There is no emergency or weekend fee.

Interpreting price
The prices do not depend on the day or hour of the day.

Languages: English, Hungarian, Romanian

Category Price /every new hour
Using English and Hungarian 5000-7000 HUF + VAT
Using Romanian and Hungarian 5000-7000 HUF + VAT
Using two languages (English & Romanian) 8000-10000 HUF + VAT

We find the solution for other languages, too!

If the translation is needed for a whole day, then the prices are negotiable.

There is no extra fee within Budapest if the duration is minimum 2 hours.

We are open to interpret in the countryside or abroad, too. The prices – because of the travel – require additional negotiation.


Zoltán Terdik